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Our why

Three years ago, we watched as our Grandmother, Grandma Devlin,
passed away from Bulbar ALS.

This horrible disease tried to strip our beloved Grandmother of her humanity. It was terrible. It stuck with us. We decided to do something about it.

We’ve partnered with Project ALS to raise money and awareness for ALS research.

This project is entirely self-funded. So, that means all of the money we raise will go directly to ALS research. Every. Single. Dollar.

Run with us

Whether you know someone affected by ALS
or simply want to support our mission,
we would love for you to join us in a city near you.

To see where we’re headed zoom in or out on the map.

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  • About us

    Mike Devlin

    Mike Devlin

    Crazy Runner Dude

    Mike considers himself an endurance athlete, partaking in races that seem too long for any rational human being (clearly, he is not). Prior to taking on this insanity, Mike worked in finance in New York City for six years. He’s originally from Maryland, attended Boston College (’11), and endures the ongoing struggle of being a DC sports fan.

    Joey Devlin

    Joey Devlin

    Crew Team Extraordinaire

    Joey is a budding, young runner. After constant badgering from Mike and his girlfriend, Katelyn, he finally gave in. Turns out, he kind of likes it. Before being put in charge of keeping Mike alive, Joey worked in finance at Textron in both Fort Worth, TX and Augusta, GA. He is a fellow Boston College Eagle (’15) and is also originally from Maryland.

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    We’d love to keep you updated on the #projectrun journey across the USA to raise awareness for ALS. We’ll send updates, meet-up information and more!